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posted this in Designer greeting cards on October 29th, 2019

Embossed congratulations

The  base for this card is Quartz Mica Metallic. This cardstock has a beautiful sheen to it and it is nice and thick and perfect for a base.

All the rest of the cardstock is from the Basis Line.  So many pretty colors here.  Congrats is Orange, background is Golden Green, hearts are Dark Orange, Square is Gold and the heart is Brown.

posted this in Designer greeting cards on August 7th, 2019

Saying Goodbye

This is a card I made when our vicar was leaving at church. 

The base of the card  and the tag are Treasure kraft.  I wanted a little different look so I put Peachy Velvet stripe vellum on top of the treasure craft of the main card.

I mounted the main image on Balboa Blue Felt Grandee.  I wanted texture on the edge and the Felt Grandee is nice and thick and you can break down the cardstock on the edge for some added texture,

The  image was stamped on cryogen White

posted this in Designer greeting cards on July 13th, 2019

Card for JoJo’s friend

We got a new Corgi puppy at Christmas.  We recently had the chance for her to go and play with her sister.  We were going to meet at a dog park but it was sort of rainy so we were invited to their home.  Oh my gosh Jojo had so much fun.  This was a card I made thanking them for letting us come over.

The base and tag for this card is Kraft Treasures.  This is great for the base because it has a little texture.

The second navy blue layer and the small hearts are Balboa Blue Grande Felt.  Love the accent look.  The light blue is  Periwinkle Treasure

I always like to stamp my main image on Cryogen White.

posted this in Designer greeting cards on June 19th, 2019

Special Embossed Flowers

I know I am a little late in  publishing this, but still wanted to share. 

The base for this card is Amber Mica/Metallic.  I love this cardstock because it has a slight shimmer to it.  The second layer comes the Mica/Metallic line also and is Flame Mica Metallic. 

The stamping was done on Cryogen White cardstock.  This cardstock also has some shimmer to it.  I stamped all the images and then embossed this layer.  Sentiment is stamped on Serpentine Mica/Metallic.

posted this in Designer greeting cards on May 15th, 2019

Wedding Wishes

I needed a wedding card for a couple at work.  I was trying to get close to their wedding colors which were blush, plum and steel blue.

The base for the card is Bluestone Linen.  I needed a highlight  color for the main image.  I used Eggplant Feltweave.  The accent for the heart is also Eggplant.  The heart with the sentiment is Pink Lemonade.

I can hardly ever make a card without cryogen.  So the embossed piece is Cryogen White

Added a little ribbon and some stones and here it is.

posted this in Designer greeting cards on April 16th, 2019

Stitched Easter

This is my final Easter card.  As I said earlier the Neenah  Solar White is a perfect cardstock for the base.

Orange layer is Mango Orange Treasures.  Just have to love a little bit of texture, but if you don’t want texture, the other side is smooth. The Peachy Velvet Striped Vellum was used as the next layer.  I used a die to cut the slight design.

Die cut piece and happy easter were both cut from Cryogen White. The edging on the Happy Easter tag is Orange Basis.  I just love all the colors in the basis line.

posted this in Designer greeting cards on April 15th, 2019

Silver for Easter

I just got some new cardstock and just had to try the Silver Mica Metallic.  For this card I inked the embossing folder and then put the silver cardstock in the folder and embossed it.  I dabbed off extra ink and then let it set on my desk and dry for a while.

Eggplant Felt Weave is the cardstock used to back the silver.  It is hard to see in my picture, but this cardstock does have a bit of texture.

The base card is Neenah Solar White.  The Neenah makes a perfect base card.

The flower and Happy Easter were stamped on Cryogen White.  I just that little bit of shimmer.

posted this in Designer greeting cards on April 10th, 2019

Lily for Easter

I seem to be stuck on the bright orange color.  The cardstock here is Orange Basis.

The quilted layer is Peachy Velvet Stripes Velum.   As the name implies this velum has a very fine stripe to it.  The velum is rather thin but you can emboss it if you are careful.  I needed a backing for the velum so that the color would be shown off.  I used Neenah Solar White.

posted this in Designer greeting cards on April 7th, 2019

Especially for you

I needed a card for a girl that is leaving work.  The base for this card is Basis Gold Green.  I was looking for a good color to offset the orange.

I wanted a color to pop so I went with Mango Orange Treasures.  It is smooth on one side and textured on the other.  I always like texture.

Finally comes to my go to for nearly every card that I make.  Thought I would do a bit of coloring and the cardstock to go to is Cryogen White.

posted this in Designer greeting cards on March 8th, 2019

With Sympathy

This is a sympathy card for a friend.  I just needed the layers for this one.  The yellow piece was in my stash so I decided to try and use it.  The color is Light Yellow Basis.

The base of the card is Gray Basis.  It seemed like a good contrast for the yellow.  All the white cardstock is Cryogen White.  This is great for stamping on and has a wonderful shimmer to it.  I wanted one more contrasting color and thought the Teal Basis did the trick