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How to Create a Fancy Lace Cut Card on Cricut.

Hi everyone, Ginny here.  This week I needed a set of  ‘thank you’s’ to send off for birthday gifts and I wanted them to be summer pretty and simple.

Here is the card:

I turned on the Cricut and grabbed tow beautiful pieces of paper from my Paper Temptress stash!  Today I used White Pearl Linen and Midnight Blue.  Both of these have a beautiful rich finish” the Pearl is Pearl finish, and the Midnight Blue is Vellum finish.

Using my Paper Lace cartridge I created my cut files.  These four cards required on two pieces of 8.5×11 paper for the tops and two Heavenly White Sheets for the bases.  These are A2 size (half sheet) I cut the bases first and glued them onto the  bases and left them under a book while the tops were cutting

That oh boy moment when the cutting is done and you haven’t pulled it off the mat.

I’ve had several name brand cutting machines and I have to be honest, the only one I have not had a problem with is the Cricut machine.  The Expression, the Create, and the Explore have always worked beautifully for me. One I worked and worked with it was supposed to work with out a mat, it didn’t.  and the other one was top of the line and it went back because it chewed instead of cut everything.  I replaced it with the Explore.  I’m not endorsing, I’m sharing my experience.  When I am using premium papers, I want them to look like what they are and not like construction paper because the cut was so poor!

I added a little bling and in about 15 minutes I had my set of Thank you cards!

Maybe something you would like to try?  Here is a tip Make sure you have very strong contrast for this type of card.  With out it really will look very Blah!

for stopping by!

I hope you give this a try on your machine –

these beautiful papers just give this simple card a great panache!

Ginny M

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