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Cryogen for Water Color Paper

My sister-in-law taught me a really simple new technique.  You use a plastic baggie, markers (not permanent) ,water color cardstock and a water color pen .  For this technique I used cryogen for my water color cardstock.  I was very impressed because it was nearly flat after adding water to it.  Really amazing because my water color paper did not even do that good.  You scribble on the baggie with the markers.  You then take a watercolor pen and wet the cardstock.  You then put the baggie with the color on it on the damp paper and smooch it around.  I let it dry and then stamped my main image.

Trying to show the sparkle in this picture.  The deep purple cardstock is Mica Metallic Violet.  The orange is Orange Basis and the olive is Olive Basis.

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