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Get Well Soon

IMGP2117This is a card I made for a dear uncle.  I am just addicted to my new cricut.  This was one of the projects and what better paper to use than the many colors and perfect heavy weight paper from Paper Temptress.

Every piece for this project is from the Malermo Pearle and Mica Metallic line because they both have some sheen to them.  I am going to start with Malermo Pearle line.  The beautiful blue of the base is Abysse Malermo Pearle.  The red lines are Vermillion Malermo Pearle.  I used Emeraude Malermo Pearle for the green lettering.

Because there are so many colors in the Mica Metallic line it was perfect for the rest of the card.  The yellow small dots are Amber Mica Metallic.  All the pink is Rose Quartz Mica Metallic.  Last of all I used Flame Mica Metallic to cover the whole back and shine through for the well.

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