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HI all…I know it has been a long time since I have changed the specials.  I have been helping my oldest daughter with Andre, grandchild #7 and time just got away from me…but promise to be back on track with specials changed often!

Current Specials….the whole Linen line is 50% off...yep you read that right 50% for a very high quality 80# cardstock that cuts like butter with a digital cutter, and spray inks look amazing with this cardstock… this Classic Linen works GREAT for watercoloring…check out this blog post and video… Watercoloring Classic Linen or the youtube video below…check out how you can still see the texture on the Linen cardstock:

If that isn’t enough PaperTemptress has also added the whole line of Neenah’s
Classic Columns @ 40%…that is crazy to be able to purchase a speciality cardstock for the price of a good old regular sheet of cardstock LOL…don’t get me wrong I love good old cardstock but…..speciality is an added touch to any design!

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