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Perfect for Pan Pastels!

Oh my I don’t know why I didn’t realize this a long long long time ago but…..PaperTemptress’s White and/or Cream Velvet cardstock works BEAUTIFULLY with Pan Pastels….it’s velvety soft finish holds Pan Pastels like no other cardstock…. As most know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pan Pastels…What are Pan Pastels? “PanPastel Colors are professional artists’ quality soft pastel colors packed in a unique pan format (cake-like). The special qualities of PanPastel Colors mean that artists can blend and apply dry color like fluid paint for the first time.”

Pan Pastels apply somewhat like a chalk substance does so you really need a cardstock with some tooth to hold the Pan Pastels.  After looking for the perfect cardstock to use with Pan Pastels for a very long time I did FINALLY discover that PaperTemptress’s  Velvet paperline was PERFECT…So here is the card that I designed using both Pan Pastels for the color medium and PT’s Velvet cardstock:


The best part is that the “Velvet touch” cardstock still feels like velvet even over the colored  image.  The Velvet cardstock has a very smooth inside also so very easy to write or decorate the inside of a card.  This card was made with 1/2 sheet of the cream…the whole card feels amazing in the recepient’s hand

I was amazed at how much I could layer colors with the Velvet Cardstock….on the Pan Pastel site there are pictures of different papers that are used for Pan Pastels.  They have taken one swipe on each of the sheets to show you the coverage that the pastels put down...here is the same situation but with PaperTemptress’s Velvet cardstock…one swipe on the pans and one swipe on the White and Cream Velvet cardstock…you can see that there is GREAT coverage…but you can still erase the Pan Pastels too!

velvetpanpastels (1 of 2) velvetpanpastels (2 of 2)
as you can see the coverage is amazing….I still can not believe that I hadn’t thought about this velvet cardstock years ago but at least I finally have!

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