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Copic Smooshed Alcohol


I was trying to find  a technique that would look good on a Christmas card.  The technique that I found is from Technique Junkies and is called  Copic Smooshed Alcohol.  For this technique you use a piece of glossy cardstock.  I decided I wanted to use Silver Metallic Glossy.  You take a piece of craft sheet and mark on it with several copic markers.  I then put several drops of hand sanitizer to the craft sheet.  I took the glossy cardstock and moved it around in the mixture on the craft sheet.  I just kept moving the cardstock around until I got the look I wanted.


The base for the card is Heavenly white Ultrasmooth.  The main image was stamped on Kunzite Mica/Metallic.  The wisemen  image was stamped on Amethyst Mica/Metallic.  I backed the main image with Dark Purple Basis.

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