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Look what a Hambly Overlay can do


I am so excited about this post.  The base for this card is Cotton Candy Pop Tones.  The accent layer is Hot Fudge Pop Tones.

Now for the exciting part.  The next layer is also Cotton Candy.  I read online that you can transfer the print from a Hambly overlay to paper.  This is what worked for me.  I used a cotton ball and dampened the paper with fingernail polish remover.  I placed the overlay down with the rough side down on the soaked cardstock.  I used a brayer to transfer the design.  You have to work pretty fast if you are doing multiple patterns.  If it does dry out carefully apply more polish remover.  Just dab it on, do not rub it around.  My layer actually uses 3 hambly prints.  (the squares, the border at the top and there is a slight white swirl at the bottom that doesn’t show up real well.)  The cool thing is the overly can still be used because all the print was not removed by the process.

The flower and tag are Cotton candy and the brown layer of the flower is Hot Fudge Pop Tones.

Now for more good news. Paper Temptress has 100# colored cardstock on sale 25%  off.  Also ribbon is 50% off.

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