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Very simple for a very worthy cause!

HI all…as I ALWAYS say I have the best followers in the world so I knew that I needed to share this request!

Mom issues a plea for birthday cards for son with cerebral palsy

A Virginia mom is asking for birthday cards for her son who has cerebral palsy.

DANVILLE, Va. — A Virginia mother is trying to make her son’s 16th birthday memorable, and she’s reaching out to her community to help her.

Tate Malone turns 16 on Aug. 30, and his mother Tambra is asking that her son be flooded with cards for his big day, WSET reported.
Tate suffers from cerebral palsy. His mother said he doesn’t speak, blinking once for no and twice for yes, and he loves people.

He is also a student at George Washington High School in Danville, Virginia.

“When we are out, people are looking and staring,” Tambra told WSET. “And it doesn’t bother me. He’s mine and I know he’s a child of God so I shouldn’t be ashamed of him.”

Now she’s asking for the cards to show Tate that people care.

If you would like to help, you can send a birthday card to:

Tate Malone

233 Meadowbrook Lane

Danville, VA 24540

So I have made 2 cards so far..they are fairly simple…both are made with the Malermo Perle 92# cardstock and Cryogen White (of course LOL)…I am really loving the Inlay look…the Happy is set into the paper so it is flat!  You can’t really tell by the photo but you need to trust me LOL!  As usual nothing is straight LOL..One of these days!20150819-IMG_913820150819-IMG_9139

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  • I made him 2 other cards too…oh yea, today was his birthday…I might check the news tomorrow to see if there is any follow up on the story!
    the PaperTemptress

  • Tate will love these cards! Prayers are with him and his family!

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