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Happy 2nd Birthday Achilles!

My youngest grandson Achilles is turning 2 today…YEAH!  He is such a cute kid too…I have the great pleasure of watching him during the week and have since he was 12 weeks old so needless to say we are pretty close.  The card I am showing you today is his 2nd bday card…Take a look his bday card and then i will tell you why I decided on the images I chose…quite a story!

2bdaycard (1 of 1)
I am sure you are thinking..hmmm a 2 year old…why in the world would she use cars???  Because Achilles is obsessed with wheels and anything that rolls!  Has been since he could sit up too…first thing he does with anything is puts in on the floor to see if it rolls…if it rolls he likes it, if it doesn’t roll forget it.  And oh my….don’t let him around a wheel….he turns my vacuum cleaner over so he can spins the wheels….so the cars above was an easy decision.

The stamps I used are Penny Black clear stamps…I love them for male or boy cards which are always hard to make, at least for me!  I colored with copics on Cryogen White..pretty much my exclusive copic blending cardstock…then I just attached the images on Emeraude Malermo Perle 92# cardstock.  The Malermo Perle colors are all perfect for male cards.

Can’t sign off without telling you a great Achilles story that just happened last week and a few of my favorite pictures of Achilles…

funniest story….I was watching Achilles (2 year old grandson) friday night at his house since his parents were going to be late and that way they didn’t have to wake him up to take him home..when I got there he was taking a nap so when he gets up he goes over and grabs a bag of cookies that were over by the dog food….seeing he hadn’t had any supper yet I at first said no but he started crying and I am a sucker so I let him have a couple of the cookies….there was a bunch of cookies in a big baggie and he really stunned me when he was being very careful not to spill them…he is only 2 so to know that he would spill them really impressed me,  he was handing the bag so carefully it was really cute….well the only thing he would eat all night long was these cookies so I gave in…so when Amber (his Mom)  came home I told her that all he would eat is the cookies….she said those aren’t cookies…those are dog treats LOL!

toybox (1 of 1)20150105-IMG_8543

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