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Picture perfect card with DT Stephanie

Good morning everyone!

DT Stephanie here to show you a very graphic card I made for La-La Land Crafts’ latest challenge!

I used Picture Perfect Marci and my all-time favourite die set, Stitched elements set of 7, along with some Fancy Pants papers! As always, my image is coloured on Cryogen White Iridescent from the Paper Temptress, because there’s seriously nothing better to use with alcohol markers 🙂

Here’s a list of  Copics used :

Skin (E000-00-21-11-13-04, R20)
Hair (E44-47-49)
Clothing & accessories (B00-01-02, E31-33-35-37-39, BV23-25-29, W0-1-3-5)

As always, make sure you see what the design team has in store for you on the Facebook page!

Wishing you a great week-end and a happy celebration on the 4th of July!

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