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HI All!

HI everyone…it is my day to post and unfortunately I haven’t been the best lately so I haven’t been very creative but……instead of inspiring today I am enabling!  You  may have heard of this, you may even have one already but if you don’t you HAVE TO GET A M I S T I!  The name stands for Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented and yes it is….I just received mine this morning and I just can’t wait to play with her (someone asked me why I called Misti a her…my response was I am calling my Misti a her because she is going to be my best friend LOL)!

What is the Misti and why do I need one?  Well I watched videos about the Misti recently and just didn’t think I would need one since the video I watched was more about using the Misti if you make a lot of the same cards which I don’t do so I thought I didn’t need one.  Then I kept hearing more and more of my FB friends talking about the Misti so I turned back to YouTube and started watching more videos about the Misti and after watching a few (which I will link to soon) I knew I had to have one.  Especially since I never had much luck with the Stamp A Jig and other stamp positioners and the Misti (again the Most incredible stamping took invented) completely solves that problem since you can stamp the same image in the same exact place all day long is you want to or need to.  I have been stamping a long time and often don’t get a good stamped image the first time so with the Misti you are guaranteed a good stamp image even if you have to restamp it since the stamp never moves!  So anyway here is the YouTube channel that I have been watching since she has some very creative ways to use her Misti and I am off to play with my new Misti!101R-Craft-supplies-MISTI-stam-2THere is where you buy one


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