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Exciting news!

We R Memory recently released their newest tool….Template Studio which is a very easy way to make your own Gift Bags, Boxes, Envelopes, File Folders, Pillow Box, Candy Box, large Circles, large Home Decor Flowers, and Home Decor Stars…..

I was intrigued but  my first thought was where do you get the paper to use to design these items especially the Gift Bags.  We R Memory recommends poster board but come on….I haven’t really seen any pretty poster board and at least in my opinion is too thick for a gift bag.

Hmmmm I thought…well perhaps PaperTemptress.com  can offer a larger size of cardstock especially text weight cardstock which is PERFECT for designing amazing gift bags at a fraction of the cost of purchasing gift bags.  And that is exactly what I have decided to do.  PaperTemptress will start by offering many of the colors of the mica/metallic line text weight as large as 28 x 22.   I am still figuring out shipping and pricing but will keep the cost totally affordable.  So stay tuned since these changes will be taking place in the next couple of weeks.

I am sure that there are directions out there in internet land on how to create gift bags without the Template Studio so even if you don’t own the tool you can still design your own gift bags.

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