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I am sure you all know that PaperTemptress’s Community Blog has been hacked since you have gotten the emailed version of hacked post…in fact you will receive two today…I took the blog down for a few days in the hopes that the hacking will stop.  There has also been passwords changed by all posters in the hopes that the hackers can no longer get into the blog.  The two post that were posted today I have hopes were already scheduled before I took the blog down.

Why there are people in this world that love to go in and ruin people’s days like this I will never understand but unfortunately they are out there so all I can do is apologize for the inconvenience and let you know that we have taken measures to stop these hacks.  I also would like to state that is heavily protected and safe from all viruses and hackers so it totally safe to shop at.  Thanks for your continued support of

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