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I always say….

I always say that PaperTemptress.com has the best customers in the world…But I forgot one more adjective that I need to add to that statement….CREATIVE….PaperTemptress.com also has the most creative customers…..

The other night I was sitting watching tv and I received an email, the subject line said What I make with the paper….I am sure that the end of that sentence was with the paper I purchased from PaperTemptress.com….then there was these pictures:davedixon1sm daviddixon2sm
and I was stunned..OH my goodness….this is amazing!  It was created using PaperTemptress’s Deep Blue Crepe Ruche ….Does anyone know what this is?????   If you didn’t don’t feel bad because I didn’t either…I just knew that to create this takes a lot of time and a true love of paper! I am in awe….

This is a direct quote from the designer of this amazing design….

“Do you know Doctor Who? I’ve been looking for the right paper for his TARDIS for a year now! Your paper is perfect!”

Awww….I hear that all the time but LOVE the statement every time I hear it!

So here are some other items he has created with paper…davedixxon3sm

He created this with Post-It_notes….seriously post it notes..Another direct quote from the designer: “Here is my Post-it paper Millennium Falcon I made because I was bored. It turned out so good that I think I’ll remake it with your good cardstock so it looks better!”

Another big awwww! LOL I am always pleased when customer’s show me their designs so please send them to me…..

2 comments to I always say….

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  • WOW, double WOW, that’s just amazing. I can’t wait to see the star wars project when it’s done.

  • Lynne

    WOW! Amazing work. Thanks for sharing these. I hope we get to see the Millennium Falcon when it’s completed.

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