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Clean and Simple or what LOL!

I know I have stated that I create Clean and Simple cards more than any other design…..I just love all the beautiful cards out there with layers and layers of papers and embellishments…but when I try to design a card like that I just end up staring at a blank card.  So not a big surprise that these are the cards I have designed to far for Christmas 2014…I pretty much just used the Vermilion Malermo Perle cardstock since it is a heavy cardstock (92#), Kraft 100#, Opal Mica/Metallic, and of  course Cryogen White….   so here goes: 20141203-IMG_847120141203-IMG_847020141203-IMG_8473 20141203-IMG_8474
20141203-IMG_8475 20141203-IMG_8472 20141203-IMG_8468
Hope you enjoyed my little Christmas Card Runway LOL!
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