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an oldie but a fabulous goodie: Have a Deer Christmas…


Hi everyone… Tina here with another simple and hopefully, manly, design.  Every year my husband requests about 20 cards for his fellow workers and as they are all truck drivers, I do my best not to make anything to frilly, sparkly or feminine in color.  Ya, truckers… pure man it is! LOL  Today I wanted to share with you the design I decided on that met his approval.

I wanted my card to be all about texture with a “tiny” spark of Christmas.  I began using the totally  AWESOME Cordovan Leather.  OMGosh I LOVE this color and the feel of this paper!!! I don’t care what card design I make with it, it just says “class” to me.  Next I added a layer of the beautiful Cappucino Mica Metallic Text weight.  LOVE the glimmer in this paper!!! Next I added a layer of the Cranberry Brown Bag Text paper.  The true beauty of this paper shows when you rough it up a bit.  Hee Hee  I sprayed a light mist of water on the paper and wadded it up in my hand.  Then I smoothed it out and hit it with my heat tool.  NEXT… and to REALLY see the fabulousness… I ran my sand paper light over the raised up edges to let the brown show through.  Really adds a wonderful rustic look to your paper.

Last, I used a piece of the Cream Velvet Touch paper.  OMGosh… I LOVE LOVE how the deer image stamped onto this.  It’s not solid looking and sort of gave my image a “texture” to the body of the deer.  LOVE it!!!!  I added a bit of color around the edges using my Copic markers and my blender pen to soften the look.

I HOPE that all these papers together not only give my card a nice rich look, but also (for those men’s sake) give them even more texture, warmth and homey FEEL.  A bit of linen thread to finish off my “textured” card and I’m done.

My husband was very happy with the design and I think his co-workers will be as well.  Here’s a closer look at those fab papers.


Even though I went with more earthy colors in this card, there are several other colors in these same textures on the web site.  Make sure to check them all out and see what colors your Christmas cards will work with.  I know you’ll be happy using them and they will add so much to any design you choose.

Thanks for stopping by today and have a great Monday!! *HUGS*


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