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Christmas Paper Package on sale!!

Today my goal is to showcase PaperTemptress’s Christmas Package which is a large collection of specially selected  cardstock carried @ PaperTemptress.com to coordinate for Christmas designs.  All the projects were made using 1/2 of the cardstsock provided in PaperTemptress’s Christmas Package.  So you can make twice the cards that are shown here.  The only piece I did add was one 12×12 piece of Spirit Red Feltweave.  I could not make the wine bottle holder without a piece of 12×12 cardstock.  This Christmas Package is currently on sale for $10.87…an amazing value!xmaspack

I tried to step outside of my normal card box.  Several of the projects came from the Scor-Pal site.   I have a Scor-Pal I just had to have and don’t make myself use it.  You will not believe all the projects on the Scor-Pal site.  It gives exact directions on a lot of projects.

Now back to the cardstock pack.  Here is a list of the beautiful paper included in the package.

2  Red Pepper Column
2  Cryogen White Iridescent
2  Emerald Metallic
2  Solar White Column
2  Jupiter Red Metallic
1  Onyz Metallic
1  Red Ruche
Jelly Bean Green 100# PopTones
2  Autumn Hay Glimmer
2  Russo Incandescent
Candido Incandescent
Solar White Skinny Column 

That is 19 sheets of coordinated speciality cardstock which is currently discounted 25% until Christmas Day!

Listed below is what cardstock was used in each project.  I started at the left hand side at the top.

Wine Bottle Holder–Spirit Red Feltweave, Autumn Hay Glimmer
Wisemen card–Autumn Hay Glimmer, Onyz Metallic
Gift card holder–Red Pepper Column, Candido Incandescent, Jupiter Red Metallic
Pockelope–Solar White Skinny Column, Red Ruche, Emerald Metallic, Cryogen
Poinsettia–Cryogen, Autumn Hay Glimmer, Jupiter Red Metallic
Happy Holiday–Juniper Red Metallic, Cryogen, Solar White Column, Red Pepper Column, Emerald Metallic, Candido Incandescent
Tree–Solar White Column, Red Ruche, Cryogen, Russo Incandescent, Onyz Metallic
Square Poinsettia–Cryogen, Russo Incandescent, Onyz Metallic, Emerald Metallic, Solar White Skinny Column, Red Ruche
Purse–Emerald Metallic, Russo Incandescent
Flip Card–Candido Incandescent, Jupiter Red Metallic.

Can you believe it?  Projects are so much easier to do when the cardstock is all picked out for you.  When I was working on these projects every little scrap I had went back into the plastic bag.  Those tiny little pieces will make perfect tags for Christmas presents.





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  • Vickie, this is WOW, WOW, WOW. Love everything you created with this package, FABULOUS!!!

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