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Over and Over Again….

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Do you know what these are??? I am TOTALLY in love with these awesome Hambly Overlays!!!  Have you tried them yet??? If not…what ARE you waiting for???

I am a huge lover of using a written planner/organizer.  I recently found a great group of women who also share my love for not only keeping our lives in order with pen and  paper, but we also decorate up and make our hectic lives full of color and cuteness!  I use a Filofax planner and they come with a clear fly leaf that is used by money as a “dashboard”, if you will, a place to park our tab stickies or post it notes.  Right in front of our planners so it’s easy to jot down a quick note or keep something like a tab handy when you need it.  So how does this relate to Hambly Overlays???   I thought I should “color up” my fly leaf.



This is NOW my fly leaf cover in my planner.  A wonderful Hambly overlay that gives it a bit more colorful kick!  I LOVE it!!!  But.. I didn’t stop there.  Sometimes, I need a bit more reminder of things.  Something more than just written down on the day I need it done… but a reminder of that appointment and what NOT to forget when I head to it.  So I created a smaller “dashboard” to insert in the middle of the week layout so that I can place a quick note on it and notice it quickly.



Again, I found a piece of Hambly that has smaller “framed” pieces printed on it.  I cut around the border and punched it so it too fit in my Filofax.  I added an adhesive label in bright pink to get my attention even quicker.  Not sure you can read it here, but I had a coffee date planned and I NEEDED to remember to take a little ring charm I was selling to the person with me.  This was a fab way to not only remember my appointment but… to NOT forget what I needed FOR that appointment.  There are several overlays like this in the store and in many other colors… pick all of them… you never know what color you’ll need later.  😉

Oh but that’s not all…. I also created another LARGER page finder/book marker.  The one in my Filofax comes in black…sticks up above the pages a tad.. and says “Today” on it . So…. Hambly to the rescue AGAIN!!

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NOW, I have a page marker that is colorful, larger and sticks up a bit higher above my pages.  Again, I added another label to grab my attention. Oh and if you’d noticed, all my newfound Hambly Overlays are in pink… my whole planner is pink.  But trust me… I’ve other planners and I’ve ordered MANY other Hambly Overlays in more colors!!

I know I’ve used Hambly Overlays as backgrounds on cards before but if you really think… you can easily find more and more uses for these fabulous screen printed sheets.

Go grab up a handful because not only can they completely change a look… they are on SALE!!!!  Head to the store, before “I” take them all!!!  😉

Have a great Monday and a fabulous week!  *HUGS*


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