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Mombdayplaque7smToday I wanted to share with you a multi-media canvas I created for my mom’s birthday gift this year.  I’ve often seen these signs all over Pinterest and a few other places and I decided to write me own and add a little “personal touch” to it as well.


I started with a blank canvas and used strips of paper from various pieces I found in my stash.  I simply ripped them and added them to my canvas using Mod Podge. Easy peasy!  I added a few rub ons here and there and then I took our some of the awesome Heavy Duty Vellum from the Paper Temptress!!  Of course, mine is clear but there are many other colors available on the site as well.


I cannot begin to tell you how nice this is to work with.  First… it’s not NEARLY as filmsy as a lot of other vellums I’ve used in the past.  Second… I printed on it using an inkjet printer!!!  OMGosh… I couldn’t believe it worked!!  But as you can see… it came out fabulously!!!  I had tried printing on vellum using my laser printer and sadly the ink rubs off.  You would think it would be the other way around.  But nope, the inkjet printer won, hands down!!


I tore the edges a bit and added some cute little Mini Magnolia images to it here and there and curled up the upper right and lower left corners of the paper using just my fingers.  With strategic placement, I used some Skor Tape to hold my vellum in place on my canvas!  Worked wonderfully!!


I love how the vellum is just the right translucency to allow for the designs of my papers to show throw and now to mute them to much either.  Perfect!  AND… to top it all off… my sweet little roses are also from the Paper Temptress.  I always buy white when I get most my flowers and these are perfect for adding any type of misting spray you have and they dry very quickly!!  Again, if you don’t like messing with sprays and mists, the Paper Temptress also offers these flowers in colors too.  I LOVE these little flowers and I know I will be needing more soon!!


I tied it all together with some of the awesome Turquoise Sheer Elegance ribbon with which mom can hang the plaque from. Ohhhh how I love this ribbon!! It’s sheer but has tiny little fiberish threads where the sheer part is… it’s not solid like most sheer ribbons are.  You have GOT to see this in real life… LOVE LOVE!!!


Needless to say, my mom LOVED the plaque and so did everyone else in the family.  And… I’m glad I stocked up on vellum because it seems I have a few more to make after sharing mom’s with everyone at her party.  Hee  Oh well… when it’s family, it’s not a bad thing, right?


Thanks fors stopping by today and remember to grab some vellum for you next crafty and/or multi-media project.  It’s wonderful to work with!  *HUGS*



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