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It’s All About the Bow….



Today I’m talking BOWS!!!  All bows!!!  Did you KNOW the Paper Temptress even has bows??? OMGosh… I MUST say I LOVE them!!! AND I want them all in all the colors!!! LOL

My first card, of course, has a beautiful red bow.  And for those of you who hate messing with tying them… how easy can it get??? Not only are they tied, but they are each tacked in place permanently!  No more worrying about them coming undone.  A little of you favorite glue and they are attached wonderfully!!!  Not super bulky either so they don’t really bulk up your card as they might if you were tying your own.

Another fabulous way I used some of these bows were in making cute paper clips!!  If you’re like me… you have the SMASH books, the Project Life books and even just some journals you like adding a bit of bling or girlie touch to.  PERFECT way to use these!!!  The are just the right size on those large paper clips.

Here I have two different ones which I added with regular Beacon Fabritac! I just added a glob to the back of the bow and set the top of the clip right on it and let them set for a few hours.  VERY sturdy!!




Here you can see it on one of my Recollection Planner pages… I LOVE how they stand out!!





And here’s how it looks sticking up out of the top of my planner.  I LOVE these little bows and I’m sure you’ll be seeing many of them on future cards!!



No go out and stock up on them because I KNOW you will love the easy of having them and not fussing to get that perfect bow or worrying about it coming undone!!

Thanks for stopping by today and have a FABULOUS Thursday!!!  *HUGS*



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  • Oh Girlfriend, you have done these bows proud (and me)…..how clever you are!
    the PaperTemptress

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