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Happy Friends…


 Hi everyone, Tina here!

It’s the New Year and I couldn’t help but think of new babies, new friends and new clean/fresh starts!!  Today I am sharing an adorable Magnolia image , “Baby Tilda”, with you that reminded me of Baby New Year but also how Spring is so badly hoped to come quick!!  It’s COLD here!!! Ha!!

And, the awesome Solar White Skinny Column paper is one of my favorites to use because it not only looks classy, it also stamps so wonderfully!!  I always feel that whomever will be receiving a card made from it will think it’s so “rich” and “elegant”.  And if you’re stamping directly onto the paper, like I did my sentiment, the columns do NOT get in the way.  Your image always stamps completely without missing any parts due to the columns!! Here’s an up close shot so you can see my sentiment better.

My sweet Magnolia was, of course, colored on Cryogen paper!! NO other paper is used by me for coloring with my Copics! I LOVE LOVE this paper and I doubt I’ll ever try any other.  It blends wonderfully, isn’t coated and has a fabulous bit of a shimmer to it!!  You will never go wrong with Cryogen paper!!!

The edges of my card were done with the Spring Larch Glimmer Paper.  Just love the soft shimmer to it! I think it’s a fab accent to any card and really like using it for flourishes and leaf die cuts as well!  Perfect!

I hope you have a wonderful day and I thank you for stopping by.  As always, your comments are welcomed and don’t forget to try out some of these wonderful papers, you won’t be sorry you did!  *HUGS*


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