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The best value EVER!

Many know that Hambly Studio’s closed earlier this year and PaperTemptress was fortunate enough to purchase much of their leftover stock.  The Hambly Studio overlays are really amazing but very little attention has been paid to Hambly Studio’s Screenprints!  It is the Hambly Studio Screenprints that are by far the best value PaperTemptress has EVER offered.  The Screenprints (really designer paper) are only printed on one side and the other side is just pure 12 x 12.5 cardstock to do whatever you want to with.  There is Kraft and mica/metallic which is available in both text weight and cover weight.  The only thing you can’t use text weight paper for is the base of cards otherwise the text weight is perfect for mats, embellishments, die cuts, the list goes on and on!  The Screenprints are now offered at .39 cents each.  PaperTemptress’s text weight cardstock at 8.5 x 11 sells for .49 cents so you are getting a larger sheet of cardstock for less!  Screenprint patterns on one side and just plain gorgeous cardstock on the other side.  What more would you want!

Now some of the Screenprints are on 105# cardstock so talk about a real value….PaperTemptress sells many of the Mica/Metallic 12 x 12 sheets for $1.29 but here you can get it for .39 cents a sheet….again true value!  These sheets are great for base sheets but in this situation definitely not good for one layer cards since the graphics on the front will need to be covered up.  I know many are starting to make square cards either 5 x 5 or 6 x 6 and these sheets work perfectly!  Shipping is really reasonable too so once again….the best value ever!

Just a few of the over one hundred sheets to choose from.  The only sheets that I don’t recommend is the vellum sheets since the screenprint does show up on the back of those sheets but none of the others.  If you have any questions at all about the screenprints please email me!


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