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Continuing the Hand Made Flower Trend…


Ruche… just say the word. Draw out that “che” ending, Ruchhhhhe. Sounds so rich,  so textured,  so majestic. And for paper it is all that!

I have a wonderful package of 11 colors of Ruche. I find myself hoarding it… it’s just so pretty  ya know?

Well, I decided to use some of it so I can share it’s beauty with you…I can always pop into the PaperTemptress store for more!

Here’s what I’ve been working on for “welcome back to school” gifts for the teachers where my DH is the principal.


These little bundles contain chocolate treats and the paper rose clip has a magnet strip on the back.

Cute to pin on the fridge or your filing cabinet at work with a picture that makes you happy.

I made about 50 of these using assorted card stock weights and textures. Then I tried the Ruche and fell in love.

This lovely textured card stock works beautifully for making these roses,  gives them such pretty texture.


Such a simple project,  yet with the right papers makes for a really beautiful little gift.

My sweet doilies are cut from the Solar White Skinny Columns card stock.

Very subtle lined texture and beautiful when edges are sponged with ink.

Die cut shapes come out so crisp and nice with this card stock as well.

You can find many great tutorials for paper roses on You Tube,

and so many amazing card stock styles to try them out  with at the PaperTemptress store!


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