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You caught me….

You caught me cheating again LOL!  Today is my day to post and once again I am using someone else’s design since I am STILL busy working on the ……….  which you are going to be seeing very soon!!  Sorry that is all I can say but hopefully all the time and effort I have put into …….. will be worth it!

Today’s design was created by Chris Dickinson, many of you know her from Technique Junkies newsletter.  I love this card esepcially since she used my absolute FAVORITE cardstock, the Laser Silver Lustre!  If you haven’t used this sheet yet you have to use it soon.  This paper reacts to ink like no other sheet I have ever seen plus it loves loves loves distress inks (just like the rest of us).

So everyone keep an eye out for an announcement next week because the times, they are a changing! (can’t remember what song those lyrics come from but I am sure they are showing my age LOL)!

Everyone please have an AMAZING memorial day!

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