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Happy Mother’s Day

Wanted to wish all a Happy Mother’s Day!  I will be starting my Mother’s Day waking up with 3 of my 4 grandchildren.  Mommy went to a wedding so I kept all 3.  Let me tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE my grandbabies but will be very glad when Mommy comes to get them in the morning, they are a handfull!  They all want to do what the other one is doing.

I am making a smash book thru out the year (at least planning on it LOL) of funny things they say and let me tell you, I have a hilarious story from today to add to it.  The story is about my 7 year old grandson and my 5 year old granddaughter.  Now I love her dearly but she can be a bit of a drama queen especially when she is tired which she was this evening.  She decided that while she was in the bathtub that she got a splinter in her toenail.  Of course there wasn’t a splinter but there was a little indentation in the whites of her toenail so it almost looked like she had gotten a splinter in it.  Once she calmed down (a little bit) she asked her 7 year old brother to take the splinter out.  He kind of looked at me like Grammy there isn’t a splinter and I just looked at him and said take it out.  He knew I meant to pretend take it out so he picked her foot and then told her” I am not doing this to hurt you I am doing this because I love you”….I about fell over laughing, of course I didn’t laugh out loud because he was soooo sincere but come on, he is 7yrs old.  Then he proceeded to pretend to take the splinter out and all was good…..Toooo funny.  That one will definitely go in my book!

Anyway may you all have an amazing Mother’s day!

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