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Another sad request…..

This request was on one of my Yahoo groups…..

Hi, everyone! We have a friend whose son was just diagnosed with Wilm’s Cancer. He is only 3. He is going through Chemo and Radiation and I was wondering if for a little pick me up for him (and his family) if anyone would want to send him a card? His name is Mason. He likes Backyardigans, Fresh Beat Band, Curious George, Little Einsteins, Team Umizoomi and Franklin. He also loves to throw and kick balls of any kind.

You may send cards to:

Mason Fravel

Rt. 1 Box 68

Paw Paw, WV 25434


PS.  I will never understand why a child get sick…. Patricia





4 comments to Another sad request…..

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  • awww:( I am sad for him but we have to cheer him up.
    I would love to send a card as well and prayers would help a lot.

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  • I sent my card to Mason this morning. I hope it helps to bring a smile to his little face. Just 3 yrs old and having to go through this……I’ll never understand it either 🙁
    Thanks for letting us know about him.

  • Shelly Schmidt

    I would be happy to send a card. My nephew battled Wilms tumor last year- he is such a fighter- it has a good prognosis- he is doing well now! I hope Mason has a similar story next year as my nephew! Bless you for doing this- Brian loved all of the cards he rec’d!

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