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Ranger Products!

I know everyone out there LOVES Ranger’s products but I want to give a huge shout out for Ranger’s customer service!  I took a class with Tim Holtz last year (bright part of the year) and at that class someone asked him about some of their products had gone bad.  Tim told her to take a picture of the product and send it to Ranger and they would replace it.  Well that is soooo true since I have had to send Ranger a few pictures and Ranger promptly replaced my products.  Then I had purchased one of Tim Holtz’s tiny attachers which pretty quickly broke.  The black plastic piece broke so I wrote Ranger.  Ranger then forwarded the information on to Advantus Corporation who makes the stapler and then Ranger let me know that they had contacted them.  Well today I received a new Tiny Stapler in the mail.  So if you have any Ranger products that haven’t held up well please contact Ranger products, they will replace them which means that you can purchase Ranger products knowing that Ranger stands behind their products 100%.  There aren’t too many companies that I can say that about!

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