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Another very very worthy reason for your cards.

I found this posting today in one of my Yahoo groups and since PaperTemptress’s followers are some of the most giving people I have ever encountered I knew that you would all be interested in this posting.


As many of you have seen & heard there was a shooting at Chardon High

School in Chardon, Ohio this week. The students are not asking for

anything, but they have requested that anyone who would like please send

the students of Chardon CARDS!! They would like enough to wallpaper

their hallways. Wouldn’t that be great? What a small request. Please

forward this to everyone you know.

Address is:

Chardon High School

151 Chardon Ave.

Chardon, OH 44024


the PaperTemptress

I know I have said this often lately and it seems like it is forever before it gets done but I am working on something that I will unveil hopefully very soon since you have no idea how much time I have invested in this new and improved surprise already!


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