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A very very sad day

Last year PaperTemptress helped sponsor a fund raiser for a amazing designer in our crafting community, Katie Renz.  Katie lost her battle with stomach cancer on 11/7/11.  She left behind 3 children and a very loving husband along with many many friends.  I know Katie will be missed terribly.  PaperTemptress made a donation today and if you are interested here is the link for donations.  This information is also listed at the same link, I thought that many of PaperTemptress’s followers would be interested in this since you guys are some of the most generous people I have ever known.

Sympathy cards can be sent to:

The Renz Family
PO Box 5913
Bellingham, WA 98227-5913

Also, in case you’re interested, the twins, Nate and Will, will be turning 6 on Nov. 19th and Hunter will be 12 on Dec. 1.  It would be wonderful if we could shower them with cards for their special day, just like their mom would do.  Kevin’s birthday is November 17.

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  • Sam

    This is really sad. I do know how it feels to loss someone dear to us. The pain is not that tolerable sometimes. You want to cry over and over again, but thinking the positive side that things happens for some purpose. God give us some trials not because He don’t love us. But He just want us to be strong against those hardship of life. Anyway, my condolence to the family of Kate.


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