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My weekend with Suzanne J. Dean


As many of PaperTemptress’s Community Blog followers know I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Suzanne J. Dean who IMHO is the best Copic Instructor and artist available.  I had the great pleasure of taking Suzanne’s Color Me Creative Advanced class on Saturday and hanging out with her several days while she was here!  My feet are just now touching the ground again.  Her class was amazing, she is soooo talented.  I was telling Melanie this week that I had an image that looked bad and Suzanne came over and touched a copic marker to the image maybe 4 times and it went from pretty bad to amazing.  Copic markers in Suzanne’s hand are like an amazing musicians instruments are, it is like the marker is just an extension of her hands and is connected directly to her brain.  It is truly magical what she can do with copic markers.

I only took the advanced class but most of the women at the class had taken both the morning beginner’s class and  the advanced class in the afternoon.  The lady that sat next to me (sorry I am really horrible with names anymore) hadn’t colored with copics b4.   When the morning class started Suzanne had them color an image.  The last thing she does at the end of the class is to pull out the first image and compare it to the last image.  OH MY GOODNESS, you wouldn’t believe the difference.  The difference was stunning, the gal was very very pleased with her progress too (I hate to say it but she after one day colored better than I did after coloring for a year or so)!  I so regret not taking a picture to show you guys.

Another picture I should have taken was the table full of Suzanne’s cards.  It was a true site to admire for a while.  She creates BEAUTIFUL cards!

Then we were off to San Francisco for the day.  Suzanne had never been there b4 and had wanted to see the Golden Gate bridge for a long time so we headed right to Pier 39 (Fisherman’s Wharf) and jumped on a Hop on Hop off bus tour and headed for the Golden Gate.  Here is a picture of Suzanne at the bridge.

You can see how happy she was seeing the bridge!  We then went to Haight Ashbury and saw the area that all the hippies of the 60’s and 70’s were.  Beautiful beautiful Victorian homes!  San Francisco has such an amazing history.   We took the hop on hop off tour and it was great.  I hate driving in San Francisco anyway even though Suzanne was driving it is the ONLY way to see SF.   I only wish we had more time but truly had an amazing time together.  She talks about our day on her blog so if you aren’t a devoted follower like I am then read this post.  Here are a few more photos that I took.  There are more on her blog.

Anyone recognize this picture????

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