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button, button, whose got the button!

Our amazing Holly Brown did a post yesterday using buttons which reminded me of a YouTube video that I watched this weekend (I had a VERY lazy weekend) that I wanted to share.  How many times where you designing when you couldn’t find the perfect button for your design?  I know it happens to me all the time and I own quite a large variety of buttons but it never fails, I don’t have the right size or the right color.  So when I came across this video so many lightbulbs turned on in my mind that I knew I had to share it.

I also really like many of the videos that The Frugal Crafter made so be sure to check her out.  I always claim to be frugal (but never when it comes to my many passions LOL) so her videos really caught my eye.

So when you get a chance check out this video and The Frugal Crafter! Enjoy!

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