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I know you all have been anxiously awaiting LOL

I know you all have been anxiously awaiting to hear about my weekend with Tim Holtz!  It was amazing but ended up not being up to going on Sunday so I only took one class but OMG, it was amazingly creative!  He is just like you see him on tv, funny, kind, and just a really nice guy!  I have been watching Tim Holtz since early on with Carol Duvall (I wish she would come back), so I figured at least 1999 maybe early 2000 and I swear he hasn’t aged a day!  I wish I could say the same about myself LOL!!  Great story about me missing the class on Sunday though,  I called the store to let them know I wasn’t up to going.  The day before we were each given a very full kit of items to use so I assumed we were going to have a kit for Sunday’s class too.  So my plan was to have them hold the kit and I would pick it up later in the week.  I had already given thought to what the plan would be if kits weren’t available so plan B was to tell them just to pick someone out and let them attend the class since it would have been really sad to think that a chair went empty when it had sold out quickly!  When I called the girl who answered said she didn’t think there was a kit for this class but she would check.  Then one of the gals that I kind of know (don’t know her name though) answered the phone to tell me there wasn’t a kit for this class but that there was someone standing right there praying for someone to miss the class so she could attend it so she ended up paying me back for the class.  I was thrilled to help make someone’s day so I really felt that it worked out well.  I just don’t ever want to hear that she won prizes since I sure didn’t the day before!  I was a little curious though about how the class had been put together since there wasn’t kits.  I just envisioned huge buckets of Tim’s products to choose from which would have been awesome!!  Talk about a kid in a candy store LOL!

So this is what we made in the class I attended.  I finished it up (well almost but will talk about that soon) today and am really happy with it.  The whole background is grungeboard, most of it was already embossed.  Almost wish it wasn’t since I would have LOVED LOVED LOVED to play with the new Vagabond.  I am drooling over this machine right now but just can’t convince myself to buy one since I already have the Cuttlebug, the Big Shot, and a 24 inch digital KNK so I just don’t need one but I want one soooooo bad.  It beautifully embosses grungeboard which I found to be an amazing product that you can do about anything with.  Of course it will never replace paper in my creative heart but it was sure fun to play with!

My grandbabies name begin with m, n, a, and d so they each got their own little spot on my design.  The only item left to add is one of Tim’s small clear bottles with stoppers.  I was given a very thin one that fits perfectly in the area under the whale.  Why a whale, well if you don’t  read this blog often you don’t know that I am a huge whale and dolphin adorer!  This summer I took my family on a vacation at Santa Cruz beach.  My grandson and I went whale watching for his 6th bday.  Unfortunately he got sea sick so he didn’t enjoy it near as much as I did.  So the vial is going to be added with sand from the beach across the street from where we stayed in Santa Cruz.  I just have to get the sand next trip to Santa Cruz, which I hope is soon since the kids are going back to school already.  My goodness, where did the summer go????

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