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I am sooooo excited!

Hi all, just have to share that I am spending the weekend with Tim Holtz!!!!  Really I am, I am taking two of his amazing classes at my LSS.  In fact today he did a video postcard about his trip here to San Jose, CA.  I am taking his “Patchwork Pandemonium” class.  Here is the description of the class:

It’s BACK! My most requested workshop of all time is back with new techniques, ideas, and inspiration… Discover your inner artistry in this colorful, textured, and very altered workshop. Embrace your creative freedom as you design and embellish patchworks of art. Learn an abundance of techniques and uses for your stash of inks, paints, dies, and embellishments like never before. Create a hanging patchwork grunge piece adorned with ornate and colorful flair. Let your creativity explore the imaginative as you enter the world of patchwork pandemonium…











Class 2 is “Configuration of your Imagination” Class:

Imagine a place where your creative visions can be displayed for the world to see…the new configurations are perfect! These dimensional and completely customizable shadow boxes can be configured to share your creative thoughts and artful treasures just the way you want. Learn techniques on collaging, layering, inks, paints, and more as you assemble this one of a kind creation. You’ll be surrounded with ephemera, trinkets, and found objects to feed your altered desires. The time has come to create the configuration of your imagination that’s as unique as you.

















I will try to take pictures and share them with you on Monday, I doubt if I even sleep tonight!  I have followed Tim Holtz for like 11 or 12 years now (he hasn’t aged at all either) starting on Carol Duvall’s show (do you miss it as much as I do?) and am truly amazed by his creativity.  Have I told you yet how excited I am LOL?

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