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The Bathroom Floor

Hi everyone!  I’m so excited right now, my heart is racing!  OK.. it’s because I’ve been playing with my awesome and fabulous Paper Temptress cardstock!  I bet someone would think this is a sickness being in love with paper, but what do they know?!

So, I was at a crop recently with my Paper Temptress cardstock trying to decide what to do.  I decided to take a break in the ladies room and there it was!  My inspiration!  It was the tile floor!!!  Thus, the reason for another geometric design by me.  Highly unusual I might say, but it’s fun stepping out of the box!  I found a cool antique button and added that to the card and a little ink here and there and this is what I came up with.  Fun, isn’t it?  I used these gorgeous papers: Yellow Crepe (yum), Corrugated Light Blue and Corrugated Orange (soft and really nice to use), Green Textured (it’s got a hammered look and is wonderful!), Sparkle Vermillion (gorgeous) and Sparkle Noir (used as my base card) and the most beautiful Amethyst Metallic.

THEN, I was feeling very happy and very queenish and made this card.  I used my new favorite paper in the whole wide world, Eggplant Brown Bag Paper.  LOVE this paper!!!  It’s so fun, lightweight, distressable and perfect!  I stamped my design on Gold Sparkle and the base card is Golden Green #80 Basis (perfect cardstock). 

So, what do you think?
  Until next time,
Lynn B

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