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Sparkle and Stripes!

PT’S Patriotic Package will spark your patriotic pride in the Red, White and Blue!  Here is just a sampling of some of the things you can do with the new Patriotic Package  cardstock, and it represents not even half of the amount of cardstock you will receive.

Here is just a sampling of what you can make!

Just in time for 4th of July and summer BBQs, the patriotic package of paper has a tempting variety of textures all color coordinated to create a card for the heroes in your life.

It’s a Banner Holiday!

It was impossible to capture all the textures in just one card, and with such sparkling and striped reds, whites and blues, you will find cards practically make themselves. Here are a few samples of cards you can create with just one package of paper, with lots of reserve for more!



Put on your apron and plan a celebration to honor the heroes in your life!

On Right: Banner Holiday Paper notes: The banner really seems to float in the breeze with the wavy texture of white ruche.  Sparkle borders of Jupiter red mica/metallic and Lapis Lazuli Mica/Metallic cardstock  add a touch of glitz to the scene. You can add any sentiment you like; this card would be great for a thank you, a baby birth announcement, a retirement or a card for your own personal hero.

On left: BBQ Apron paper notes: cut out an apron shape and just add ribbons for a quick and easy card inviting your friends to share your pride in America. Apron is made from red BASIS, computer generated text is on cryogen white iridescent which prints beautifully and still sparkles and shines. Print your party invitation notes on the same sheet of cardstock for a shortcut to  a coordinated look

Set your table with fancy napkin rings

Set the table with fancy napkin rings made from cryogen white iridescent, Lipstick red vellum and blue BASIS.

Swipe Stripe Flag

Above: Swipe Stripe Flag Paper Notes: Create a super texture by swiping a cherry red ink pad over the luscious texture of wide columns and ruche cardstock. Add your own Lapiz Luzuli  mica/metallic sparkling blue field with gold sparkle stars and a jupiter red mica/metallic flagpole, and you have sparkle and stripes to honor any veteran or cheer up a friend overseas.

Below right: Stripey Star Paper Notes:  Create a contrast between lapiz luzuli mica/metallic sparkle and the red pepper skinny columns and you have an effective but fast card. You could substitute the star punch with a flower and have a whole new, softer look. Small pieces of great cardstock give this card its punch.

Below right: Punchtag Paper Notes: Keep your punches out and add bits of white leather to make a card that is rugged and manly for the hero in your life. Slight white edges make the leather pop from the blue BASIS background. Red pepper skinny columns in between create some eye delight for a card that will be left out to gather ooo’s and ahhh’s.

Below Center: Thank you:  A simple antique parchment thank you with a doodled line in black gel pen and simple flower stamp will show your friends you treasure the gift of their friendship.


Stripey star


Simple thanks


The lighthouse card on the left was one of those oh, gee, I could use this for the starfish, or that for the lighthouse, and how about some vellum scraps for the windows. If you had to buy a whole sheet of mica/metallic , honestly, you never would, just for a lighthouse … but if you had scraps on your table, what a fun collection of papers.

Honestly Papernotes:  Light at the top is gold sparkle  scrap, windows are lipstick red vellum scraps, starfish is a scrap of copper mica/metallic , and sand is antique parchment torn at the edge. Lightrays were created with a cotton ball rubbing yellow ink off the edge of a piece of junk mail that was on table …oops, no, it was my Verizon bill! Oh well!  Of course the water is one of my favorite papers of all, dark blue ruche. Would I honestly buy all these papers just to make this card, honestly no, but gosh it was fun having them all to play with!












BBQ Paper notes:  The BBQ is made from Jupiter Red Mica/metallic, with a wide stripe white grill, slightly rubbed with a black stamp pad for a charcoal look. Heavyweight Clear vellum makes the letters easy to trace, and the hot dogs are Heavyweight clear vellum as well. Gold Sparkle legs hold up the grill. The entire card is created on blue BASIS cardstock.

















Let it shine

On Left:  Spin a pinwheel made from cryogen white iridescent text, red pepper skinny columns,  and midnight blue vellum.  Torn vellum strips add a feeling of motion.

On the right,  A more classic card with star punch border, PaperTemptress striped ribbon and the sparkle of red pepper skinny columns playing off the texture of deep blue ruche.














On the left:  This gift card holder can bring a phone card or an itunes credit to your loved one overseas. No need to add the glitter that is never allowed on hero cards;  the play of navy blue leather, red pepper skinny columns and gold sparkle against the white cryogen white iridescent background creates a card that is classy, flat to mail, and manly enough for any drill sergeant.




On the right:  Create a scrapbook layout to remember all those wonderful times of summer parties and heroes coming home. This one features gold sparkle frames which really pop when you die cut and emboss, a red BASIS  frame, red pepper skinny columns, jupiter red mica/metallic, cryogen white iridescent and blue BASIS flowers.




Patriotic Package contains:

1 Solar White Thick Columns       1 Indigo Skinny Columns
1 Red Pepper Skinny Columns      1 Midnight Blue Vellum
1 Lipstick Red Vellum                     1 White Antique Parchment
1 Heavyweight Vellum                    1 Jupiter Red Text Mica/Metallic
1 Lapis Lazuli Mica/Metallic          1 Gold Sparkle
1 Red BASIS                                       1 Blue BASIS
2 Cryogen White Iridescent Text   1 Cryrogen White Iridescent Cover
1 Navy Blue Leather                         1 White Ruche
1 Deep Blue Ruche

The Eagle Sleeps Tonight


>^,,^<     Hope my sample tempted you to try these pretty papers!                      cat

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