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Sparkle Sunrise Tutorial

Steps 1 and 2

Life’s a beach, and I’m a beachcat!  Let me introduce myself briefly so we can get to the good stuff, the card!  I am a retired teacher, now working part time as an English Professor. At age 60 I started the Couch to 5K program and am proud to say I have taken first place for my age group in several 5 K races. (I must add that I was the ONLY one in my age group, how many senior citizens are dumb enough to go running 3.1 miles!)  I have started drawing and many of my attempts are available as a free download at my blog. Seems I didn’t get enough coloring as a kid, now I color with my copics every day. I live the good life,  half of the time in Michigan and the other in Florida – you guess which months >^..^<


I used all kinds of yummy papers to create my sunrise card.

Some “layers” are really 3/8 inch strips of paper, but doesn’t that mica paper give this card a wonderful glow!

Step 1 … Make the boat …cut a 2 x 1 1/2 inch piece into a sail shape and a 3/8 x 2 inch boat shape from Safari Brown Skinny Columns.

Paper Notes: Safari Brown Skinny Columns is a med weight with a slight texture, kind of like surface of the beach on a very quiet ripply wave day.  The color is a warm brown, leaning toward an army canvas color. It is lightweight enough to cut easily but rigid enough to hold the sharp point of the sail.

Step 2 … Create the sunrise …Begin by rubbing a brilliance pad over a piece of 2 inch by 4 1/4 inch Dark Blue Crepe Ruche to create the coppery sunbeams on the water. This also brings out the texture of the Ruche. I practiced on one side, then did my final rub on the other side after I had a feel for how hard to press on the pad.

Paper Notes: Crepe Ruche is deeply textured on both sides, yet flat enough to cut easily. I would imagine it would die cut cleanly, it is very easy to cut with scissors. The color of the dark blue is slightly warmer than a navy, exactly like the sea on one of those days when you say, oh my, isn’t the water ever blue today!

Step 3 … Create a frame … Cut 3/8 inch strips of Blueberry Brown Bag. If you looked at the back, you would see that once again, I am using small strips, to save paper.

Paper Notes: Brown bag Kraft is hard to resist because of the colors which are deep and folksy.  Even though this piece doesn’t show the great versatility of the 2 sided paper which is brown bag on the back, it was a perfect color so I snitched a few strips off the edges.

Step 4 … Add some glitz … Cut 3/8 inch strips of the Copper metallic gloss to create the frame. Attach from the back using double stick tape or the adhesive of your choice, butt joining the edges. Notice how the back is constructed to not waste an inch!  This way I can use my mica paper for many projects and it really adds a luxury touch.  I positioned my oval punch halfway over the edge of a sheet of Gold Sparkle to create the sun, using the least amount of paper for a maximum amount of pizzazz.

Paper notes: Copper Metallic Gloss paper is a heavyweight cardstock, and reminds me of Navaho jewelry.  The color is deep and burnished.

Gold sparkle is a warm mustardy color gold, looks kind of like a burnished gold locket.  It is a firm cardstock, might be difficult to cut intricate shapes by hand unless you use some kind of die cut machine. It is heavy enough to hold its own in stand-up projects such as holiday ornaments, or stars on a stick for the 4 of July.

Step 5 … Ripping the tide

Tear some pieces of Marbled White Vellum, it makes wonderful clouds. Add as many as you wish using your favorite vellum adhesive, or using a very thin application of a thick craft glue just to the torn edge. I like to apply it with a toothpick.

Tear off a piece of Safari Brown Skinny Columns to create the sandy beach, complete with those little ripples that waves leave behind … and if you have a stamp or brad of a turtle, or a pair of flip flops, now is the time to pull out your beachy embellishments.  Small sea shells would look equally wonderful.

Paper notes: Marbled White Vellum makes wonderful clouds or anything else you would like to have that frosted, uneven diffusion of light. It would be beautiful white embossed and colored from the back. It is a fairly substantial vellum and would hold up to folding or die cutting. The marbled appearance makes it much more interesting than ordinary vellum.

A sparkle sunrise

>^,,^<               Hope my sample tempted you to try these pretty papers!                      cat

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