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My get well Bryan

I too made a card this weekend for Bryan too, I want him to know that we are all praying for him, this is a really tuff thing for a baby to go thru.  I couldn’t handle it at 55 I can’t imagine handling what this poor little guy is going thru at 4.  I really looked thru everything I had and nothing car and truck related inspired me but I did just get this cute little dragon from Sweet Pea stamps and he did inspire me so this is what I ended up with for Bryan:

I so hope this card at least makes Bryan smile for a minute or more. If you made a card for Bryan email me a picture of it. I will add it to PaperTemptress’s Community Blog even if it isn’t made with PaperTemptress’s cardstock (I hear that happens LOL).  I had mailed the card when it hit me that I do have a stamp set that has cars and trucks that would have worked really good on this card instead of the tissues and Dr bag.  It never fails LOL!
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