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I am sure most follow this blog but in case you don’t, the main Copic website has this posting today.  Free Art Lesson’s by Adam Hughes.  I know I am going to check them out, I might be an old lady LOL but I refuse to stop learning especially when it comes to building on my art skills (which needs LOT AND LOTS of work LOL)!  Just thought I would share!

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  • Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely be checking out this resource.

  • cat

    I just visited the free videos and now have a 5 inch EYEBALL staring at me … it was so much fun to see how Adam adds highlights and lowlights, that I had to get out my copics and try one. However, then I started wandering around and watching videos at the site and somehow or other 3 hours have gone by! Fantastic site … and wa=hoo … a lot of them use copics!

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