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He got it!!

Tristan received his new cricut and many accessories to go with it today.  Here are  pictures taken while he was opening it up since he was very surprised since had no idea it was coming.  As I posted earlier the amazing person who donated this wants to stay anonymous but it truly warms my heart  just knowing that PaperTemptress’s community have such wonderful and generous followers! There were many accessories that were still unopened.  He said he received 20 Cricut markers to use in Cricut, 42 Cri-Kit pens, 16 replacement blades, Deep Cut Blade housing unit, and 4 Cricut Acrylic stamping blocks. 2 NEW NEVER USED Jukeboxes (I guess they hold 6 cartridges each) so you don’t have to change out the cartridge so often. Gyspy and Cricut Expression. More cartridges will be sent soon.  Plus no one knows who sent it but somebody sent him an Easter cartridge that he received before he received his cricut.  He didn’t quite understand since his cricut was broken.  He didn’t know what was on it’s way!

I have to tell you I am still blown away by this event, I am sure that the donor(angel) has changed Tristan’s life.  This event sure reminded me once again of what is really important.

In case you are just tuning in I posted a request last week for a donation of an old or extra cricut since Tristan’s cricut had broken, he was devastated.  I posted this request about 9 PM and by 8AM I had a message from a wonderful woman that sent him all the above items.  This is one of the most generous acts I have seen in my life, she won’t even allow us to credit her!  I am sure the smile on Tristan’s face said it all though!

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