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Just wondering

I have come across an amazingly creative  little 8 year old, in fact he has agreed to join PaperTemptress’s new design team so I am ecstatic.  He is also very very smart, he is currently in the 3rd grade and doing 6th grade work.  His teachers are trying to convince his mom to completely skip the 4th grade but she probably isn’t going to let him.  She doesn’t want him growing up to fast.

Anyway his family as many families in this economy has fallen on really hard times.  Just keeping up with rent and food is tuff.  His grandmother bought him a used cricut which he loved to use for making his cards for sick children and our troops but the other day it burnt out on him.  He is devastated and I was wondering if anyone out there has a cricut that they aren’t using anymore??  Maybe you have updated to a newer machine or bought a different machine.  It would make this little 8 year old so happy and since he gives so much to others I think he deserves it.  If I don’t have anyone who has one I was thinking about accepting donations to buy him a new machine.  I would like to know what you all think.

I haven’t given his name yet since I want to do an official release of PaperTemptress’s 2011 design team soon but let me tell you……..the talent that has applied will KNOCK your socks off.  I am soooo happy and thrilled that such talent would even be interested in applying!

So if you have a cricut that you would like to donate or any funds that you would like to donate to buy him a new machine please email me at so we can make this little guy’s day!  Some of you may have a clue who I am talking about so please shhhhh, I want to surprise him.

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