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Super Wishes

If you want to make a kid’s birthday super, make him a super card. (And yes, my own DD things I am great a kids cards…and not so great at adult kids. Thanks for the critique, dear! haha)

The base of this spring card is Aquamarine Mica/Metallic. If you can’t decide what color to buy, I would suggest buying at least a dozen!  I just realized I ran out of purple yesterday.  (I don’t even like the color purple!  But you definitely need every color for your crafting endeavors!)   I used Malachite Mica/Metallic for some accents as well.  The metallic paper is a nice contrast to the Spirit Red Feltweave base and accent pieces.  But you know, my favorite is PT Watercolor paper. It takes the color so very well..and it stands up to me cutting out all my zany characters!

This card measures 5 x 7 inches when completed. Be sure to plan ahead on those envies. And…

Use double stick tape under that flap. Then the recipient will be better able to display it.   I know that all my friends aren’t super crafty…so they probably wouldn’t have super sticky tape to get this spring card to stand up!

Papers Used:  BASIS, Metallic, Watercolor, Feltweave

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