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Oh my Goodness

I just can’t tell you how excited I am.  I was sitting at my desk creating (I am trying to paint, trust me, it is just trying, my talents do NOT lie in painting LOL)!  I had the tv on and as usual just listening not really watching.  Well I looked up and Scrapbook Memories was on!  I tape this show all the time but honestly thought that all that was on is repeats but that isn’t true.  Much to my surprise and happiness the show is still on!  Anyway I looked up and there on my screen was a card made with Melanie Muenchinger’s Arranged with Love design!  There is nothing cooler than to know people or see something that was created by someone you know…right…..or am I the only groupie in the crowd?????

After squealing like a child I checked out why it was on my screen.  Julie Balzer from Balzer Designs was showing the coolest technique with it and a technique that I had never heard of before.  She was watercoloring with Gel pens…..wow…..gel pens to watercolor with.  I would had never thought of that.   We had just had a lengthy conversation on one of my Yahoo groups about aqua pens just yesterday so the timing of this was perfect!  Julie was outlining the design with gel pens and then using a aqua pens to spread the color.

After emailing Melanie I found the pdf file of the technique Julie was showing and have attached it.  I am sure most of PaperTemptress’s followers don’t know this but Melanie Muenchinger was PaperTemptress’s first designer!  If you don’t know of Melanie then you really need to check out her blog since she is one of the most talented designers around and just plain a great person too!  She quickly emailed me back and was totally surprised too.  She didn’t know anything about it and was as excited as I was.  Thank you Julie for making both of our days!!

Here is the PDF file showing Melanie’s design and the technique used by Julie for her  Stardust Card!  A new technique for all of us to try today (since I am giving up on my painting LOL)!  I would love to see what you guys design with this technique.  Please email me the designs and I will gladly put them on the blog to share with everyone! Now I am off to finish watching the rest of Scrapbook Memories since this whole episode is about cardmaking!  Melanie has found a  you tube video of the segment so check out her blog to watch it.

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  • Denise(AZ)

    That is so cool!

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