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A reminder!!

Now don’t forget that Christmas is right around the corner and anything that is sold at PartyLite will make a great gift. Also don’t forget to enter patricia du as the host name (about 1/3 down on the home page) to see the fabulous and great reduced November specials!

That is candle party time!! My daughter is a consultant for Party Lite which carries the absolute best candles in the world (IMHO)! They smell GREAT, last forever, and burn down to where the only thing that is left is the metal wick holder. Can you tell that I LOVE LOVE LOVE these candles. PartyLite is now carrying a new scent that I can’t live without, Ebony Wood and Patchouli, my absolute favorite scent EVER! They also carry amazing home decorations which if you could ever see my house you would see that I really really like their designs! Here are a few of my favorites……the Infinite Reflections Candle Holder, and then my favorite the Cascading Fountain. Everybody that has seen the Infinite Reflections Candle Holder just goes crazy over it since it truly does look like it goes on to infinity. I especially love my new Change O Luminaries which have four different easily changeable panels so you can change then to reflect the season. There are two different sizes but they both have a Halloween panel, a Christmas Panel, and two other panels that can be used anytime during the year. What can be more versatile??? Now I know you are thinking that these items are a little expensive but PartyLite is having a promotion right now that if you spend $40 (which is easy to do, trust me) you can get any item you want at half off so a perfect time to invest in a more expensive item for your home. (just disregard the promotion online for 50% off a $50 order since you will be shopping for a party and not just shopping online). There are also amazing and greatly reduced November guest rewards available just keep reading to find out more information about those amazing specials.

Now to get to the meat of the post……for the first time ever PartyLite is letting host have online parties and then will ship your order directly to your home (be sure to check that option when checking out) but your sale will count for my party so I would love to have a good party so I can stock up on more Ebony Wood and Patchouli candles (I seriously am IN LOVE with this scent)! Now don’t forget Christmas is right around the corner (hint hint hint)! All you have to do is go to my daughter’s webpage and look around and of course shop til you drop!! I am hosting the party from today until November 12th so you have 12 days to make up your mind which excellent scents and home decor you won’t be able to live without!! Since I have been talking about my favorite candles and home decor I am also adding in my absolute favorite cardstock, the Silver Lustre Package valued at $8.59 plus shipping free if you place an order over $25.00 so you get an excellent scent to use as inspiration as you design with the exceptional Silver Lustre package! All you have to do to receive your free Silver Lustre Package is to place your order and I will get all the information from my daughter and send you your amazing and my favorite Silver Lustre package. Easy Peasy!

Now let’s go shopping, when my daughters webpage is opened up about 1/3 down the page there is an entry that says shopping for a party and to look up your host. Just enter Patricia Du into the box and then all the sales will be applied to me YES!! PartyLite offers excellent host rewards for hosting a party so if anyone out there is interested in hosting a party so that they can receive free products and host specials just email me and I will give you details!

There are amazing November guest rewards including some really really cute Christmas decorations, you will find the link to the November guest reward specials here but you do have to be logged into my party so be sure to follow the step listed above to find these amazing specials. Now don’t forget that Christmas is right around the corner and these candles make excellent gifts especially for teachers, and others that you aren’t exactly sure what to buy them since candles make everybody happy! Okay this is long enough but if you have any questions or problems please just email me patricia@papertemptress.com to have your questions answered quickly. Now I am off to shop at the Novembers guest rewards so we will talk later! Just remember you have until the 12th to shop and get free cardstock. Enjoy!

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