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A long week…..

Hi all, I know I have been really quiet lately and need to share with all why. My 4 year old grandson was born prematurely and had complications due to his premature birth. He is now diagnosed with cerebral palsy and had to have surgery this week with the hopes that he will be able to walk eventually. He is a huge joy and always happy (except for this day but who can blame him)! I have my 3 year old granddaughter so that Mom could stay at the hospital with Nathaniel so they sent me this picture which broke my heart!  My goodness I completely understand now why children are generally had at a younger age, she is wearing me out!  I truly adore all 4 of my grandbabies, they are my heart walking outside of my body!
I knew he was going to be in a cast but had no idea about the stabilizer that keeps his legs apart. He got to go home today and he is back to the Nathaniel we all cherish, just as happy as can be. The stabilizer is able to come out for traveling in the car so now that he knows it can come out he wants it out all the time. He is okay with everything else, he just wants the stabilizer out.   It is truly times like this that shows us what is really important and there is truly nothing more important than family!

I really think he would love to get cards so if anyone out there needs a reason to make a card why don’t you make one to send to my little love Nathaniel.  He loves spongebob, football, and just recently discovered hockey too but he loves everything!

If you do make a card you can send it to
908 College Drive
Apt 2
San Jose, CA  95128

I would so appreciate any card that he received.  Thank you

the PaperTemptress

PS:  my spider bite is almost all completely healed, what an ordeal from such a tiny little creature!

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