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A quickie but tu tu cute!

Hi my name is Patricia and I am a rubber stamp addict!!  I want to tell you also that Sweet Pea Rubber Stamps hasn’t helped my recovery any either LOL!  I had to write complaining to Lynette just the other day since I had just received an order and there were two more stamp sheets that I couldn’t live without.  Now that just isn’t fair!

Anyway I have my 3 year old Granddaughter Danessa for the night.  She is so so cute to give anything to since her reactions to gifts are absolutely ADORABLE!  She gets so excited and exclaims “for me”.  I just got the stamp on Thursday but it just was perfect for Danessa since I think she is tu tu cute so I hurried up and made this card (as is quite obvious LOL) to give her.  I just love this little dragon image, well actually there are about twenty or thirty of this dragon in different forms and I will probably end up with them all (thanks Lynette LOL)!  Anyway here is the quickie but tu tu cute!

Image is colored with copics on Cryogen White Iridescent. The designer paper is a DCVW sheet and the background sheet is Brown BASIS. I hope you enjoyed! Of course she did enjoy it and jumped up and done and said “for me”! Gosh I love that child!!

A little update on my Brown Recluse Spider bite……it is starting to do better. The Dr was very happy when I visited her the other day. She told me then that she was really worried that the dead skin around the bite was going to go all the way down to the bone. I am glad I didn’t know that she was that concerned since I would have freaked out a little worse that I did! Even though my foot was pretty bad, it could have been so much worse. Please stay away from spiders since all spiders are poisonous and they are nasty on your body!! Trust me on this one, I don’t want anyone to find out like I did.

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