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Even though……

Even though I am the PaperTemptress I really enjoy many other surfaces to design on and today I actually picked canvas.  I was going thru my wood mounted stamps today (I don’t pull them out as often as I should) and came across an amazing stamp I had been wanting to ink up for a long time.  It is an Inkadinkado stamp, but it does appear to be discontinued.  I also have been missing playing with my Pan Pastels.  Since I decided to stamp and color on canvas today I thought the Pan Pastels would be better to use.  Copics do color on canvas too so I might try the same stamp with copics to see which one I like best.  I am sort of grounded right now (will explain later in this post) so will be coloring more for the next week or so.  Anyway this is what I came up with:

I may end up framing this and hanging it on the wall.

Now to get why I am grounded……For some reason or another really odd things seem to happen to me. One that I don’t talk about much is that I have a double uterus which is extremely rare. I can actually get pregnant at two different times and carry the babies in a different uterus where they are not twins.  Now I have been bitten twice by a poisonous spider and have a really bad bite on my right foot and a smaller bite on my left ankle! I had no idea what was going on but knew it wasn’t good. It is suspected that it was a brown recluse spider even though there aren’t a lot of them where I live.  My right foot has a large sore on it but even worse it has a 2 inch or larger circle of gray skin around it that ends up being dead skin that has to end up coming off. My foot swells  up and gets very red. My main Dr was going to put me in the hospital for a heavy dose of antibiotics but she decided to call a podiatrist specialist in.  The specialist (Dr. Rude is her name) came in and immediately recognized that is was a poisonous spider bite.  She says she hasn’t seen many spider bits  but has seen enough to know exactly what this was. I was somewhat relieved since I didn’t have a clue what was wrong but it may take over a month to heal up which doesn’t make me happy at all! It has been LONG MONTH or actually six weeks but still smiling and creating!  Like Roseanne Roseannadanna once said “if it’s not one thing it’s anudder”. LOL, I loved Gilda Radner!

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7 comments to Even though……

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  • Patricia that is gorgeous! I have that stamp and just love it to pieces. I have never thought of stamping on canvas, what a fun idea!
    I have been terrified of spiders for years and this just proves my point 🙂 You have been through so much and I do hope you heal quickly and get back on your feet. Take care of yourself!

  • Shelly Schmidt

    Gorgeous- this will look fabulous on the wall! Glad you have a diagnosis and hopefully are on the road to recovery- I have only seen that type of spider bite once in 30 yrs of nursing (but I worked in Intensive Care…..). Bless you and so glad you are feeling good enough to be creative!

  • You did a beautiful piece of artwork with the shading Patricia. Do hang it on the wall for you and all to enjoy. Love ya,

  • Norma Davenport

    Love it! Frame it and put it on a wall. The shading is good too. Good luck with the feet.

  • True :D

    I am glad you feel like coloring! You know I have had you in my prayers for quite some time now.
    Your hummingbird is beautiful!
    True 😉

  • Anita

    You poor thing. You don’t need another “problem”. I now really hate spiders. Your canvas is stunning!

  • Teri "Terrific"

    I love the idea of stamping on canvas and the Pan Pastels look to be a good choice 😀
    As to your health, Lord bless you, girl! Thank you for letting us know how to pray for you specifically. And thank you for “still smiling and creating” through it all; you’re an inspiration!

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