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A really creative idea!

I also want to turn you on to one of the artist that has inspired me for years.  I have said before what I huge fan I am of Carol Duval, that is where my passion for creating came from, the Carol Duval show.  I met (not really but you know what I mean)Michael Strong, Tim Holtz, Sandi Genovese, and many other inspiring artist on this show.  They are still going strong and Sandi has a website now called Scrapbook Showgram .  This weeks episode shows a really creative idea.  Funny she is scrapbooking her niece’s daughters now, I remember when she was scrapbooking her niece as a child (showing my age now aren’t I?).  If you aren’t following this website you should be, I don’t miss it!  I am always looking for another way to show off pictures of my grandchildren and definitely plan on making one of the stretched canvas scrapbooks!  I have several of the small canvases, Joann.com carries them for a great price and if you catch a free shipping sale you can pick them up rather inexpensively.

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