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Get Well card for a Friend

Sometimes you have to make a card for circumstances that aren’t always the happiest. But that’s what we do as card makers and this poem says it best:

Somebody said, I’m hurt and I’m spent —
But then in a moment a card was sent

Somebody said, I’m sick and I’m tired
And then a wink a cardmaker was hired

Somebody cried just one little tear
But then the post brought a card right here

Somebody lost a dog or a cat
You guessed it … a card was under the mat

Each time we stumble and each time we fall
Somebody somehow just puts out a call

Our name for it here is an RAK
And for somebody hurting, it sure takes the cake

It just takes a moment to hold out a hand
And help someone up who thought she could not stand

It ‘s not rocket science, it isn’t that hard
To pack in a hug in the fold of a card

So next time you hear tears are making eyes damp
Get out your markers, get out your stamp

Sometimes it is all we can do — is to share
And hold out our hearts and show that we care.

I think that says it all! For this card I used Cryogen White and Abysse Sparkle text weight.

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