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Apron Pocket

So, it’s summer and you want to cheer up a friend with a little treat.  Here is a great pocket for slender items.


Just look what is hiding behind the koolaid packet!


I started off using Paper Temptress’ Sour Apple Pop Tones cardstock (4 x 11 inches)  for the base of this card.  Score the bottom and fold up at 3.5 inches.  The top will need to be trimmed to fit into a standard envie.  Remember that you will need to plan for any trim that hang down off your apron.  The pink is Pink Lemonade Pop Tones, while the white is Blanc Sparkle.

The trick to get the two side curves to match:  Sketch one side and cut it off in one piece. Then, flip the discarded shape. Trace it to the opposite side…cut it out.  Works every time…no worries!

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